The legalization of adult-use marijuana has brought plenty of changes to communities throughout California. Last year, licensed dispensaries started opening their doors for the commercial distribution of cannabis products. Although dispensaries used to carry a negative stigma in their neighborhoods, they are now spread out throughout the state and have played a big part in making a positive impact in their cities.

Members of the Santa Ana Cannabis Association are involved in giving back to the community. From the Earth has donated $24,500 to programs like Pools of Hope, Neutral Ground, and the Santa Ana Unified School District that promote things like wellness, health, and education within the community. MedMen, one of the largest dispensaries in Santa Ana, teamed up with the Drug Policy Alliance to host an expungement and ex classification workshop last March in Los Angeles that provided free legal counsel for people with previous cannabis convictions. The event also offered assistance with healthcare and employment needs and extended services to family members. MedMen also sponsors local programs that help the community.

Another way licensed dispensaries create a positive impact in the community is by creating job opportunities. Licensed dispensaries create jobs like budtenders, dispensary managers, and trimmers. The legalization of the cannabis industry evidently has brought and will continue to bring positive changes to California.

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